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SEO through Blogs

SEO is a great way to raise organic traffic to your website. There are many simple ways to boost your SEO. This could make a big difference when promoting your company. Driving SEO through blog posts can introduce a new audience to your company.

Have you ever created a blog post? Creating blog posts frequently can help to build brand recognition of your company. Blog posts can help to convert traffic into leads. Viewers of your blog post can subscribe and follow your account or social media profiles allowing you to connect with them in the future.

A critical aspect of blog posts is focus keywords. A focus keyword should only be between two and five words long. It should be a phrase that best describes the topic of what you are writing about. The best way to optimize SEO will be to use the focus keyword throughout the blog post especially in the first paragraph.

Adding images to your post can also boost the SEO. Remember to include backlinks for your images and alt text for search engines and readers to understand what your image is about. By doing this, more traffic can be generated as the images you include can appear across search engines.

Meta descriptions are another important part of your blog that should be included to increase SEO. A meta description gives users a short preview of what your blog is about that is presented in the search results. Adding an engaging meta description will make users more likely to click and read your article.

Now, creating blog posts allows subscribers to learn new information while sharing your own personal knowledge and expertise. So, if you’re ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level, let’s have a discussion by scheduling a free discovery call. In the meantime, please feel free to connect with me on Facebook and Clubhouse

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