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Content Marketing:
Writing, Development, and Strategy
Payment Range for
Customized Content

$495 - $625
Social Media Marketing

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Clubhouse, and Nextdoor: Writing Bios for Profiles, Creating Stories and Highlights, Hashtag Research, Captions for Carousel Posts and Reels, and more...


Writing and Publishing blog posts, along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aspects such as Focus Keyword, SEO Title, Meta Description, Slug, and more... 

Free Lead Generation

Engaging in other Facebook groups and growing friend requests, engaging in stories and reels on Instagram, and engaging with connections on LinkedIn

Email Marketing

Writing copy for newsletters, designing templates, creating list segments, developing CTA, scheduling campaigns, tracking open/click rate stats

Community Management

Moderating a Facebook Group or Leading a Clubhouse House: managing new member requests, analyzing insights, scheduling theme days, scheduling rooms, and more... 

Social Networking

Promoting your virtual or in-person networking event, masterclass, webinar via posts, stories, email campaigns, Facebook and LinkedIn events

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