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Holly Sothikhoun

I want to give a big shoutout to Sarah for all her help! She truly cares about her clients and helps us learn for ourselves. I’ve always been terrified of posting about my art or my podcast online but she helped me with gaining confidence and understanding. If anyone is struggling with getting started on social media or needing a revamp or even taking on tasks that are overwhelming, I highly recommend reaching out to Sarah.


Esther Iwunze

I've been working with Sarah for years, and must say that I'm very happy with her marketing services. She understands her client's needs, especially when it comes to community management. She really does deliver exceptional engagement!


Scott Adams


Sarah is an excellent writer who has written key articles for Her articles demonstrate her knowledge of each covered subject matter. Plus, they are always informative and help to spread awareness.


Jennifer Griffis


Sarah will work with you to bring your marketing/social media vision to life. She’s extremely flexible and willing to research areas to help you build your brand. 


Sarah uses her own personal knowledge and strength to provide a deeper meaning to her work. Her ability to communicate in a healthy way gave me confidence that people are willing to work with me on my journey. 


Dr. Jaquel Patterson, N.D.

Past President of the AANP


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah. She has been incredibly helpful in my marketing and social media strategy. She’s insightful and offers helpful suggestions to increase activity and engagement.


Adenike Folarin-Coker 

I had the privilege of working with Sarah for my organic marketing on social media, and the experience was truly exceptional. Sarah's expertise and dedication shone through as she strategically elevated my online presence. With her guidance, my social media platforms flourished, attracting a wider audience and boosting engagement. Sarah's personalized approach, creative ideas, and consistent communication made the entire process enjoyable and rewarding. Thanks to her efforts, my brand gained significant traction, and I can confidently say that Sarah's organic marketing skills are second to none.


Harold Larson


We have an excellent ongoing relationship with Sarah. She has been instrumental in integrating social media into our marketing efforts. Sarah has invested the time to learn our business and market, which along with her expertise, has translated into a valued partnership. 


Marsha Webb

Sarah has done an amazing job of updating my social media. She's very thoughtful and caring about what she does.


She does the research to create knowledgeable and accurate information for the posts she is creating. I appreciate - as a non "techy" / computer person - how she explained and continues to explain what she is doing for the business, in a manner I could understand. 


Denique Joseph 


I’ve been working with Sarah and she has been a savior! Before I began to work with her, I was feeling so lost. I knew what I wanted for my business and I had so many different questions and ideas floating around in my head. Sarah came along and sorted through the mess in my head. She created a plan that was easy for me to work with and went above and beyond to execute it. 


I’m so glad that I get to have her expertise, she’s allowed me the opportunity to unload some of my stress and have confidence that everything will be how I want it to be, in regards to my marketing. 

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