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Why YouTube Shorts are good for Growth

Have you considered promoting your business on YouTube but you’re unsure where to start? One way to get to gain traction is by posting YouTube Shorts. They are vertical 15-60 second videos that are similar to Instagram reels and TikTok videos. These videos have been a feature since 2021 and in total have 70 billion daily views according to Statista.

YouTube Shorts. Woman thinking with YouTube Video in the Background

2 reasons why you should create Youtube Shorts:


Over the years there have been many changes to the YouTube Algorithm. Two big changes to the algorithm that happened in the past few years are Shorts' and how small creators are recommended.

  • YouTube Shorts are included in search results which means that they gain clicks along with Long form YouTube Videos. However, YouTube Shorts have a completely different feed compared to regular videos. The YouTube Shorts feed is very similar to both the Reels and TikTok algorithm. In YouTube Shorts, viewers swipe through a feed that YouTube tailors.

  • Videos by small creators are now getting recommended to bigger audiences. This change has mainly affected long-form videos however shorts creators are not completely left out.


In 2023, YouTube had began sharing ad revenue with Shorts Creators. Shorts Creators can earn money though YouTube if they have a minimum of 500 subscribers and 3 videos that have been public for 90 days. Creators can also use other features to gain money:

  • YouTube Fan Funding. This is a feature that allows fans to give money to creators through channel memberships, Super Chat, and Super Thanks. .

  • YouTube Premium. YouTube shares part of the money earned from its subscription service with creators. To be eligible for YouTube Premium you need to have 1,000 subscribers.

I hope this answered why YouTube Shorts are good for Growth. If you need help setting up your YouTube Channel please reach out to me for a free discovery call. I wish you success on your YouTube journey.

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