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Why Use Story Highlights on Instagram

Updated: May 1

Instagram provides multiple features to help further advertise and market to your company. One great tool to promote your business is the story highlights feature. Why use story highlights on Instagram you may ask?

A story highlight is a previous or new story you have posted on your Instagram page that you can later save as a highlight. Highlights will appear on your Instagram profile right below your bio. To add a story highlight go to your profile and click the plus button, from there click story highlight.

Unlike Instagram stories which are only up for twenty-four hours, Instagram story highlights can remain on your profile for however long you like. You can sort highlights into different groups to keep your profile organized. This can help users to gain a stronger insight into what your profile is about.

Highlights are important as this is one of the first things users are going to see when they click on your account. For each grouping or category of highlights, you can edit the highlight picture that will appear for viewers to see along with the naming each category so users can easily view a specific topic quicker.

With this features, highlights are simple to navigate. Instead of scrolling through your posts to see the latest news, users can now click on your story highlights to see the products or services you offer or any of the latest promotions.

Now, highlights are another great way to show others what your business is really about. So, if you’re ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level, let’s have a discussion by scheduling a free discovery call. In the meantime, please feel free to connect with me on Facebook and Clubhouse.

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