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Meta Outages - What to Know

Updated: Apr 23

Meta was hit with two outages this year. The first outage happened in the beginning of March while the other outage happened approximately a few weeks ago. Both outages affected all Meta services (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Threads).

The March 5th outage affected American cities' Chicago and New York the most. Other countries that were hit by this outage were the U.K. and Germany. The April 3rd outage affected thousands of users in India, the United States, The U.K. and Brazil. This outage primarily affected Whatsapp users. Meta has not revealed much information outages, but here is what we know so far:

Meta Outage could be caused by backend issues

Meta Outages do not happen often but when they do they're often caused by server disruptions, updates, or bugs. In 2021, Meta's services were out for hours due to an issue regarding Domain Name System server being down. It does not take much for a software developer to accidentally input a wrong command that takes down an entire server.

Outage is not due to a cyber security threat

The US Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency says that the outage being caused by an attack is unlikely.

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