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The New Clubhouse

Have you had the chance to check out the new features on Clubhouse? Clubhouse is now making it even easier than ever to communicate with groups of people throughout different communities!   

One major update is making the platform more similar to a messenger app. Clubhouse newly introduced the “Chats” feature which is strictly a voice only group chat. This is similar to audio stories on Clubhouse, but giving you the ability to “chat”, sending voice memos and listen to others chats whenever you have the time. 

By doing this, Clubhouse is open up the opportunity to communicate in different ways while having the potential to differentiate themselves from other social media messenger apps such as Facebook Messenger. Clubhouse takes advantage of this new “chat” feature as hearing the voices of our friends establishes a more personal relationship. This new attribute also makes it quicker to send messages to our friends because instead of texting you can now record and hit send.  

Not sure how to start to send a chat? Clubhouse makes it simple! When you first open the app there is a microphone, just press it down and release. Your chat will be uploaded for everyone to see! 

Want to send a private chat to someone? Press the message bubble on the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to send a specific message to a particular person.  

Clubhouse has now made the “friends” feature a priority. There is now a “friend model” where two way follows will now turn into friend requests. You have the chance to see which friends are live along in addition to live rooms. 

By continuously improving the app, the amount of users can increase while becoming a more popular social networking platform. Clubhouse did a great job enhancing these features while further revising the platform.  

Don’t forget to add me on Clubhouse by clicking here!

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