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Clubhouse Live and Pin Features

Updated: Jul 7

Clubhouse live and pin feature enable you to further organize your account. In the newest update Clubhouse introduces a second hallway and the ability to pin houses. These are ways to further declutter your profile on Clubhouse. Decluttering is important on any social media platform as you can center your time around your current interests.

As you begin to declutter on Clubhouse, you will be able to get in and out of rooms faster because you will have more focus on what you want to listen to. By doing this, you will have more time to gain valuable insight that can benefit yourself and your brand.

The pin feature on Clubhouse allows you to pin houses so they appear at the top of the screen. To pin a house, search for it, then hold down on the house and click the pin option. You are able to pin as many houses as you would like. Pinning has made it quicker for users to access the houses they frequently listen to.

Another feature new to Clubhouse is the second hallway. If you want to access this, click the magnifying glass when you are in the first hallway. In the top right corner below your profile picture click the globe icon. You will then get a second hallway that will say live rooms that you can join. By doing this, you will get rid of the chats that can appear during the live room. This will eliminate any distractions while listening in.

Now, you can use the pin and second hallway as a way to further organize your Clubhouse profile and declutter your account. So, if you’re ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level, let’s have a discussion by scheduling a free discovery call. In the meantime, please feel free to connect with me on Facebook and Clubhouse.

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