• Sarah Curcio

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Linkedin was originally a social media platform for your resume, but it has grown over the years. It’s time to optimize your LinkedIn profile!

Think about the following aspects...

❤️Headline: more than just a job title, your mission

❤️Summary: talk to your ideal clients here

❤️Featured: your website link, a book, a podcast, etc.

❤️Experience: your business details

❤️Education: list essential degrees or certification

❤️Skills: what are your top 3

❤️Recommendations: give and receive testimonials

❤️Accomplishments: list publications (like trust stamps), awards, and more...

❤️Contact: make sure everything is updated (email, phone number, etc.)

Now, that you see how important LinkedIn is, will you update your profile? Need help making it shine? Give me a ring and we’ll talk!

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