• Sarah Curcio

Clubhouse 101

So, have you been on social media lately? Of course you have! Well, have you received an invite to clubhouse? It’s all the rave and I want to give you a beginners guide…

First of all, it is an audio-based platform that is podcast like. You can join or host rooms with specific topics.

Then, you have your bio, which is like your profile. It’s very important that your picture stand out because when you enter a room the picture is how people can identify you. So, having a black-and-white image or having a rainbow colored background is definitely the way to go. In addition to that, the first three lines of your bio are essential because that’s what people can click on to see what you’re all about while you’re in a room.

Lastly , you have your alias, and that helps with search engine optimization when people look for you. So, make sure it is some thing searchable and relatable to who you are.

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